Luxury Italian Distilled

Luxury Italian Distilled


Lamaro di vino is a bittersweet liqueur obtained with very sophisticated procedures. The fusion of ancient production methods transforms it into a unique and inimitable product. Wine, pomace, brandy, natural red fruit juices, cereal alcohol, infusions of flowers, herbs and roots are the extraordinary 100% Italian raw materials used.

The fresh pomace of “Sangiovese Grosso” are infused “in wine” using the well-know oenological technique of Ripasso.
The wine used is strictly Sangiovese. Grosso is the main grape variety used for the production of Brunello di Montalcino.

The Ripasso method is an ancient Veronese practice, a typical technique for the used for the preparation of Amarone or Recioto. It consists in repassing, “put in contact” the wine of the previous year’s harvest with the new production, we used this method among Sangiovese wine and pomaces of Brunello At the end of the “Ripasso” period, the marc is infused for 60 days with a prestigious brandy of our aged production aged at 78% vol.

Separately are infused for a period ranging between 10 and 70 days, all herbs, flowers and aromatic and bitter roots chosen from our master distiller.

Once matured, after decantation, we proceed with the assembly of the processes. In the liquid obtained are added the clear juices of four red fruits: black cherry of Bassano, black blackberry of mulberry, raspberries and blueberries. The delicate filtration takes place by fall, as per ancient liqueur tradition, with the use of a cone- shaped oenological filter in linen cloth.

This operation allows excellent filtration, in absolute respect of the product. Before being bottled the product rests 90 days

The Amaro Di Vino has an intense Pompeian red color.

Its aroma is intense of ripe red fruit, slightly balsamic notes, with evident hints of Mediterranean scrub.

Bittersweet, fruity, warm, enveloping and velvety, very persistent aftertaste.

70cl - 40%

Luxury Italian Distilled


The preparation of "Gin" is complex, it takes place with the separate infusion of twenty-two botanicals, including spices, citrus and berries, in the distillate of a fermented must of cereals and juniper berries, in particular there are three fruits "blackberry, raspberry and fig". All elements of the compound are of Italian origin.

The double distillation process uses a continuous double column distiller with grinding and a batch distiller with steam current.

The infusion of each of the botanical components is processed individually and the preparation for each product can last from 48 to 480 hours. The infusions obtained are mixed by Master Distillers to create the most suitable and typical tasting notes of this unique and luxurious Gin.

Transparent with slightly amber tones.

Surprisingly spicy harmonious and delicate, decidedly in contrast to the most famous and traditional gin you find in the market now. Its velvety softness and sweet, typical Mediterranean notes enhance delicate notes of juniper, but at the same time a harmony of citrus, vanilla, ripe fruit and muscat grapes envelop it. Strange sweet hints of tropical fruit mixed with fruit and citrus offer an unexpected freshness.

Strong, fruity and at the same time pungent and balanced with a slight hint of pink pepper, fresh coriander. Spicy and herbaceous notes typical of rosemary and basil, well balanced with fresh notes of citrus and ripe fruit. The product, after being bottled, remains to rest in the bottle for a minimum of sixty days.

70cl - 47%

Luxury Italian Distilled


La is a Vodka obtained in two distinct and separate stages of production and two raw materials of high quality value. While adhering to the rules of the Italian distillery tradition, we wanted to combine new and modern equipment.

The first distillation comes from a fermented must of national cereals and the second distillation is obtained from fermented musts of raw materials obtained from grapes strictly territorial. Both products are processed in two newly developed distillers, but with similar characteristics.

Both stills are qualified as continuous distillers with double grinding columns.The perfect balance of the final product is obtained by mixing, chosen and evaluated during the assembly phase, by our master distillers.
The alcohol reduction of the distillate takes place using water already pure by itself, coming from mountain sources tributary to the river Piave and is further purified with reverse osmosis filtrations and sterilizing. At the final graduation the product is filtered in a traditional way, but with high density cartons. LA is a distillate of selected products of the same vintage and therefore can be defined as vintage.

The organoleptic qualities of LA Vodka are without a doubt unique. Harmony, purity and delicacy are the high perceivable aspects. La is a crystal clear vodka with floral and fruity nuances. Refined tones of apricot and peach are accompanied by slight hints of white acacia flowers and elder flowers. Enveloping, velvety and long-lasting. A pleasant alcoholic energy conquers the palate.

Slightly vinous with slight nuances of ripe pulp of white fruit and mixed with wild celery.

The product, after being bottled, remains in the bottle for a minimum of sixty days.Recommended serving temperature: 6-8 oC or frozen. Pairings: Ideal with raw fish, sushi and sashimi, oysters, salmon and trout smoked or salted, sublime with caviar.

Each batch comes to life from grapes of different ripeness, therefore it will be possible to find, even if minimal, organoleptic differences.

70cl - 40%


We did not only want a glass bottle different from all others but we wanted an extraordinary, luxurious and above all precious packaging.

For this reason we turned to a company that creates extraordinary creations for high perfumery and we chose a painting never realized before: the “Matt glitteratura stone effect stars sequin glow” for Gin and LA Vodka while for Amaro di Vino we embellished the bottle with the purple flocking (velvet effect), which has allowed us to create our works real unique jewels.

All this was not enough for us because we did not even want any label and this led us to choose the “cement effect lasering” to engrave our brand on the painting of the bottle. But we desired something more unique and we didn’t even want each glass to be identical to the other because it was produced in-line.

For this reason we decided to paint each bottle by hand. This allowed that none of the bottles was the same as the other and that each one was in limited and numbered series. We did not just want spirits created with Italian raw materials, an eye-catching packaging and a name pleasant to remember and that represented our beautiful country all over the world and, above all, that could give life to our dream of challenging world markets.

We wanted with all our strength, the Gin, La Vodka, LAMARO di Vino and LAMARO coffee and mint, the Italian excellence dressed of a rare beauty, difficult to forget.

Luxury Italian Distilled


The Gin, the Vodka and LAMARO in pocket version. The first mignon bottles appeared in the early 1900s on the first air flights in the United States, born as tastings in small samples distributed by liquor sellers.

Luxury Italian Distilled


LA MARO Caffé e Menta is a liqueur with extremely complex processing, the two main components are "coffee and mint". The choice of two coffee qualities is not by chance, but the result of a long and careful research.

Both types are used and treated with different systems and methods: the one lends itself to a very light roasting, with the aim of having a profile with higher acidity and intense aromas and the other is toasted much stronger, to accentuate the bitter notes and the persistent taste.

From the products obtained, aromatic extraction shall be carried out as follows: For 'Infusion' immersion in alcoholic liquid of roasted and ground coffee beans, only a part of it is then distilled.

For 'Maceration' with prolonged contact between coffee powder, water and sugar.
For 'Percolation' with a flow of water that crosses a layer of freshly ground coffee.

The results of these laborious operations are mixed and balanced by our master distillers. Filtration is carried out by falling through a cone of linen fabric. We chose, as a second aromatic element, the dwarf mint of the desert. A mint with intense but delicate aromas, fresh on the palate but not intrusive, its leaves and part of the twigs are infused between 56 to 72 hours in cereal alcohol. All mass is kept in constant motion. In this delicate phase, precious active ingredients and essential oils are extracted that will give an impression to the final product.

The scent of roasted coffee kissed by the enveloping scent of mint is strong and intense. Floral notes of caramel sweeten the smell.

The taste is sweet and soft, with an enveloping flavor. The fragrant notes of roasted coffee and caramel are the masters. The finish has a long aroma of fresh and delicate mint.

The product is very delicate and it is not by chance that it has been protected from direct light by an elegant silver bottle. After being bottled, it remains in the bottle for a minimum of sixty days.

70cl - 25%

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