Our story

how everything happened

The dream that gave life to our company

Some stories never go out of fashion, the great stories of Italians, people of crazy brave dreamers, creative masters of style, taste and quality. People of epic feats in sport, high fashion and entrepreneurship that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many and that, over the years, have made us appreciate the Made in Italy all over the world, stories that in 2020 have aroused in us the desire to create our company.

The courage to take risks and the destiny, which many times with his hand changes entire paths of life, has brought together 5 entrepreneurs during one of the most difficult times for the world economy.

At the beginning of 2020 we decided to register the brand “Italiko” at European level. The dream comes from the different successful experiences gained in the Food & beverage sector by the 5 partners who took part in the birth and development of the dream. Our mission was to create a collection Luxury Premium Spirits never seen before in the market, for the high quality and the Beauty.


L'idea prese forma attorno alla fine del 2019, durante un incontro di lavoro casuale tra Marco Stringaro e due imprenditori Padovani, Michele Tognana e Valentina Stocco, che durante quell'occasione videro per la prima volta il packaging e il progetto del Gin di Stringaro.

Da lì a poco si appassionarono all'idea e, innamorati del progetto, decisero di finanziare l'impresa mettendo a disposizione non solo tutti i capitali necessari per la produzione ma anche la loro lunga esperienza imprenditoriale nel mondo del food e dell'alta moda, rendendo così la realizzazione del sogno possibile.

Agli inizi del 2021 si unirono al progetto anche Gabriella Vezzaro e Chiara Artuzzi, che apportarono un ulteriore e notevole valore aggiunto all'azienda, ricoprendo ruoli operativi e societari di vitale importanza. Nel Gennaio 2021 il brand "Italiko" diventò realtà, contestualmente alla società "SestoSenso International S.R.L" , che si occuperà della commercializzazione dei prodotti in Italia e in tutta Europa.

Fu l'unione delle forze dei cinque soci ad apportare nuova linfa, grazie alle idee e alla passione comune per il progetto.  Da lì a breve venne presa la decisione di produrre non solo "IL Gin" ma anche "LA Vodka" e "LAmaro" assolutamente Italiani. Nasce così la collezione "luxury italian distilled".


In our immaginations we did not only want bottles different from all, but we wanted an extraordinary, luxurious and above all precious packaging. This is the reason why our Creative Director, after designing the project, turned to companies that make special paints used until now exclusively for high perfumery industry.

The "Matt glitter stone effect stars sequins glow" that captures the light and the flocked velvet effect, extraordinary to the touch, are only a part of the special materials used. We didn’t settle for just any label, so we chose “Cement effect lasering” to engrave our brand and the consecutive serial number on the precious painting of each bottle. All processes are carried out completely by hand, this increases the artistic value of each individual bottle.

These complex processes have allowed us to become our works real jewels of design.

We did not want only spirits created with selected Italian raw materials, an attractive packaging and a pleasant name to remember that represented our company and our country all over the world, giving life to our dream of challenging world makets. We absoluted wanted the Gin, the Vodka, the Amaro di Vino and the Amaro Caffè e Menta, the absolute Italian excellence dressed of rare beauty impossible to forget and, at the end of 2022 we finally realized them.

The distillery

Once defined the packaging after so many researches, we needed to find who would create the recipes and spirits we wanted, that would have to stand comparison with all existing products and, at the same time, stand out for quality, olfactory tastes, refinement, elegance, sensuality and uniqueness.

Our experience had tought us that a beautiful bottle is not enough without an exceptional product inside, as a great product is not enough without an attractive packaging. Finally in 2021, after numerous searches for a suitable partner for the realization of our ideas, the meeting with the Master Distiller Luciano Brotto was the awareness of having finally found the last missing piece to conclude our works and be ready for the great challenge to the world’s markets. Shortly thereafter the merger with the distillery.

Defined in Italy, not surprinsingly, “THE MASTER” not only for his considerable skills, for the deep knowledge of raw materials and for having specialized in the production of exclusive and valuable distillates in total absence of chemistry, Lucian Brotto is recognized and appreciated for the great ability to combine tradition and innovation, thanks also to his collaboration with the University and research Center on viticulture and aenology of Treviso, of which he is Rector. We have combined, for more than two years, everyone’s experiences up to the definition to the project.

Studies, endless tests, experimentation, researches have led us to date to have created unique distillates, appreciated at international competitions for the high quality and loved from clients all over the world. The dream has come true, now the great challenge has begun, to make known to the entire world what we have created.

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